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If your business lies outside of the City of Pasadena, please contact our Business License office directly via phone at (626) 744-4166 or via e-mail at

Application forms are available online

#1 Validate your business type *** only the business types listed below are currently supported using the online system.
What type of business do you plan to operate?   glossary of terms

#2 Home-Based Business  requirements

#3 Validate your Pasadena business address Only parcels within within Pasadena city limits (not Altadena or LA County jurisdiction) are included. Any new construction greater than 25,000 sq.ft. may require a Conditional Use Permit. Call (626) 744-6777 with questions.
Street number     Street name  
(Please enter your street name without the direction or suffix. Example: for S. Lake Ave, simply begin typing L A K E, and then choose from the list displayed.)
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