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Pursuant to Pasadena Municipal Code Section 14.70.030, “With respect to a single family house, condominium, townhouse or duplex, a Presale Certificate of Completion or Presale Certificate of Inspection shall be required any time the property is sold.”

This online application will allow you to complete the application process for a Presale Certificate of Completion or schedule the inspection required for a Presale Certificate of Inspection.

The address look up tool will provide you the amount of the sidewalk assessment fee, Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s record of square footage, and whether there any open Code Compliance cases for the property.

Contact (626) 744-7144 if you require any assistance with the completion of the application.

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Please enter your street name without the direction or suffix. Example: for S. Lake Ave, simply begin typing L A K E, and then choose from the list displayed.

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